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Default Sandbox nanos world package


Please refer to the Official Sandbox Documentation Page for more information on how to customize and make use of this package.

Exported Functions

The Sandbox game-mode exports the following functions to the global scope:

AddNotification (client side)

-- Adds a Notification in the screen
---@param id string         Unique ID used to store if the notification was already displayed to the player
---@param message string    The message to display
---@param time number       Duration of the notification
---@param delay number      Time to wait until display the notification
---@param force? boolean    To force it to be displayed regardless if it was already displayed before
function AddNotification(id, message, time, delay, force)


-- Displays the message 'playing with friends is much more fun!' after 10 seconds, for 5 seconds
AddNotification("FRIENDS", "playing with friends is much more fun!", 5000, 10000)

UpdateLocalCharacter (client side)

-- Function to set all needed events on local character (to update the UI when it takes damage or dies)
---@param character Character
function UpdateLocalCharacter(character)


Also the Sandbox game-mode have the following events:

SpawnSound (client side)

You can call it from server side to spawn a sound

Events.BroadcastRemote("SpawnSound", location, sound_asset, is_2D, volume, pitch)

SpawnSoundAttached (client side)

You can call it from server side to spawn a sound attached

Events.BroadcastRemote("SpawnSoundAttached", actor, sound_asset, is_2D, volume, pitch)

Example of packages which exports Items to Spawn Menu

Those Packages can be loaded together Sandbox and the item will show up in the Spawn Menu!