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Grid Ops - Java

Grid Ops is an open source Java toolkit for creating advanced distributed systems. Grid Ops consists of a set of core tools for the implementation of distributed systems in general, and a set of commonly used distributed systems infrastructure services. We want your distributed systems to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Grid Ops - Java, Tutorials

We are working on a set of tutorials for Grid Ops - Java. They are not finished yet, but you can start getting a feeling for what using Grid Ops will look like, and what you can do with it. You can find the Grid Ops tutorials here:

[Grid Ops - Java, Tutorials] (

Grid Ops - Java, Examples

We have a separate project showing examples of how to use Grid Ops Java here: [Grid Ops Java Examples] (


Grid Ops is centered around the general purpose network protocol IAP. IAP is designed to have a compact message format which can be used for many different use cases.

IAP can be extended via "semantic protocols". A semantic protocol is a set of messages and message exchange patterns targeted at a specific distributed use case.

All semantic protocols use the same core IAP message format: An ION Object field with nested ION fields. What nested fields a given message contains depends on the concrete semantic protocol and message type, but the formatting of a message (ION Object field) and its nested fields is the same. Thus the same message reading / writing tools can be used across all protocols. This greatly simplifies the implementation of the Java APIs for IAP and the various semantic protocols.

The IAP core message format is similar to using JSON objects for all messages across all semantic protocols, but leaving it up to each semantic to decide what fields each message (JSON object) should contain. IAP just uses ION objects instead of JSON objects. ION is similar to JSON except ION is binary and contains more field types than JSON.

Java vs. Other Programming Languages

Grid Ops is implemented in Java but the use of IAP means that toolkits in other programming languages can interact with Grid Ops - as long as those toolkits understand IAP too.

Grid Ops Road Map

Grid Ops is a living project. The project will address the basics of distributed systems first, like simple asynchronous message exchange, discovery, relocation of clients and services, etc.

Once the basics are addressed the project will move on to more advanced distributed problems like security, authentication, authorization, RSync, P2P networks and other more complicated distributed problems.

The road map isn't fully fixed, but the ambition is clear: To make the implementation of advanced distributed systems much, much simpler.

Grid Ops by

Grid Ops is developed by

Grid Ops License

Grid ops is released under an Apache 2.0 License.

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