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Some bitcoin and supybot-related code.
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BitcoinCentralMonitor BitcoinCentralMonitor: update for new json url
BitcoinData BitcoinData, Market: move avg price from bitcoindata to market
BotBackup BotBackup: catch the messages on the way in.
GPG GPG: check for existence of primary gpg print also, on reg and key ch…
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper: don't give out voice if user already has voice.
Market Remove Buttercoin ticker and related functions
MarketMonitor MarketMonitor: reset timer on reconnet, and add helpful log message.
MarketMonitorTicker MarketMonitorTicker: update to mtgox api v2, fix some minor bugs.
MtgoxMonitor MtgoxMonitor: Fix duplicate trade reporting bug, by storing the lates…
OTCOrderBook OTCOrderBook: update name of bitstamp ticker function from Market
OTCWebsite OTCWebsite: change auth warning a bit, add auth status display to vie…
RatingSystem RatingSystem: add ratedby command
.gitignore add .gitignore to ignore useless files. Tweak readme a little.

Supybot Bitcoin Market Monitor

A webapp and set of plugins for supybot that power a rich alternative currency monitoring and trading system over a chat network.

Development Environment Setup

  1. Install GnuPG.
  2. Create a Python environment or virtualenv and activate it.
  3. In that environment:

    pip install ecdsa # For the GPG plugin
    pip install lxml # For the GPGExt plugin
  4. Download gribble source code:

    git clone git:// gribble-code
  5. Install it in your Python environment:

    cd gribble-code
    python install
  6. Create a directory to be the bot's home and cd to it.

  7. Run supybot-wizard to create the bot's directory structure and initial configuration.

    • Some plugins expect the bot to be present in #bitcoin-otc, #bitcoin-otc-auth, and #bitcoin-otc-ticker
  8. Symlink or copy desired supybot-bitcoin-marketmonitor's directories over to the bot's new plugins directory.

  9. Launch the bot:

    supybot gribble.conf  # Or whatever you've named its configuration file
  10. On IRC, identify with the bot using the owner login name and password you set up during supybot-wizard.

  11. On IRC, use supybot's load command to load desired plugins.

    • OTCWebsite is not a plugin, so don't worry about that one.

For more details on supybot installation, see


  1. create an empty directory to be used as your test environment, and cd to it.
  2. supybot-test path/to/your/plugins/PluginName for whatever plugin you wish to run the tests for.
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