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This chaincode is used to assign unique identity every person in mars. This chaincode will be deployed on the "identity" channel by the identity authority.

Install and Instantiate

First ssh into the EC2 that's running the containers. Then access to shell of containers using this command: docker exec -i -t container_id /bin/bash.

Then follow this steps to install and instantiate the chaincode:

  1. Create the directory using mkdir /opt/gopath/src && mkdir /opt/gopath/src/ if doesn't exist.
  2. We need to install the chaincode in all three authorities containers. For all authorities, clone the chaincode repo using the command cd /opt/gopath/src/ && git clone
  3. Then for all authorities install using this command: peer chaincode install -n identity -v 1.0 -p
  4. Then in identity authority container run the following command to instantiate the chaincode: peer chaincode instantiate -o $ORDERER_URL -C identity -n identity -v 1.0 -c '{"Args":[]}' --cafile /home/crypto/managedblockchain-tls-chain.pem --tls
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