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// KeyEvent.swift
// KeyboardSimulator
// Created by naru on 2018/07/03.
// Copyright © 2018 Timers-inc. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// Represent keyboard event.
struct KeyEvent {
let code: CGKeyCode
let keepDowns: [CGKeyCode]
init(code: CGKeyCode, keepDowns: [CGKeyCode] = []) {
self.code = code
self.keepDowns = keepDowns
var shifted: KeyEvent {
return KeyEvent(code: self.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
static let a = KeyEvent(code: 0x00)
static let s = KeyEvent(code: 0x01)
static let d = KeyEvent(code: 0x02)
static let f = KeyEvent(code: 0x03)
static let h = KeyEvent(code: 0x04)
static let g = KeyEvent(code: 0x05)
static let z = KeyEvent(code: 0x06)
static let x = KeyEvent(code: 0x07)
static let c = KeyEvent(code: 0x08)
static let v = KeyEvent(code: 0x09)
static let b = KeyEvent(code: 0x0B)
static let q = KeyEvent(code: 0x0C)
static let w = KeyEvent(code: 0x0D)
static let e = KeyEvent(code: 0x0E)
static let r = KeyEvent(code: 0x0F)
static let y = KeyEvent(code: 0x10)
static let t = KeyEvent(code: 0x11)
static let o = KeyEvent(code: 0x1F)
static let u = KeyEvent(code: 0x20)
static let i = KeyEvent(code: 0x22)
static let p = KeyEvent(code: 0x23)
static let l = KeyEvent(code: 0x25)
static let j = KeyEvent(code: 0x26)
static let k = KeyEvent(code: 0x28)
static let n = KeyEvent(code: 0x2D)
static let m = KeyEvent(code: 0x2E)
static let A = KeyEvent.a.shifted
static let S = KeyEvent.s.shifted
static let D = KeyEvent.d.shifted
static let F = KeyEvent.f.shifted
static let H = KeyEvent.h.shifted
static let G = KeyEvent.g.shifted
static let Z = KeyEvent.z.shifted
static let X = KeyEvent.x.shifted
static let C = KeyEvent.c.shifted
static let V = KeyEvent.v.shifted
static let B = KeyEvent.b.shifted
static let Q = KeyEvent.q.shifted
static let W = KeyEvent.w.shifted
static let E = KeyEvent.e.shifted
static let R = KeyEvent.r.shifted
static let Y = KeyEvent.y.shifted
static let T = KeyEvent.t.shifted
static let O = KeyEvent.o.shifted
static let U = KeyEvent.u.shifted
static let I = KeyEvent.i.shifted
static let P = KeyEvent.p.shifted
static let L = KeyEvent.l.shifted
static let J = KeyEvent.j.shifted
static let K = KeyEvent.k.shifted
static let N = KeyEvent.n.shifted
static let M = KeyEvent.m.shifted
static let _1 = KeyEvent(code: 0x12)
static let _2 = KeyEvent(code: 0x13)
static let _3 = KeyEvent(code: 0x14)
static let _4 = KeyEvent(code: 0x15)
static let _5 = KeyEvent(code: 0x17)
static let _6 = KeyEvent(code: 0x16)
static let _7 = KeyEvent(code: 0x1A)
static let _8 = KeyEvent(code: 0x1C)
static let _9 = KeyEvent(code: 0x19)
static let _0 = KeyEvent(code: 0x1D)
static let Equal = KeyEvent(code: 0x18)
static let Minus = KeyEvent(code: 0x1B)
static let RightBracket = KeyEvent(code: 0x1E)
static let LeftBracket = KeyEvent(code: 0x21)
static let Quote = KeyEvent(code: 0x27)
static let Semicolon = KeyEvent(code: 0x29)
static let Backslash = KeyEvent(code: 0x2A)
static let Comma = KeyEvent(code: 0x2B)
static let Slash = KeyEvent(code: 0x2C)
static let Period = KeyEvent(code: 0x2F)
static let Grave = KeyEvent(code: 0x32)
static let Return = KeyEvent(code: 0x24)
static let Tab = KeyEvent(code: 0x30)
static let Space = KeyEvent(code: 0x31)
static let Delete = KeyEvent(code: 0x33)
static let Escape = KeyEvent(code: 0x35)
static let Command = KeyEvent(code: 0x37)
static let Shift = KeyEvent(code: 0x38)
static let CapsLock = KeyEvent(code: 0x39)
static let Option = KeyEvent(code: 0x3A)
static let Control = KeyEvent(code: 0x3B)
static let RightCommand = KeyEvent(code: 0x36)
static let RightShift = KeyEvent(code: 0x3C)
static let RightOption = KeyEvent(code: 0x3D)
static let RightControl = KeyEvent(code: 0x3E)
static let Function = KeyEvent(code: 0x3F)
static let F17 = KeyEvent(code: 0x40)
static let VolumeUp = KeyEvent(code: 0x48)
static let VolumeDown = KeyEvent(code: 0x49)
static let Mute = KeyEvent(code: 0x4A)
static let F18 = KeyEvent(code: 0x4F)
static let F19 = KeyEvent(code: 0x50)
static let F20 = KeyEvent(code: 0x5A)
static let F5 = KeyEvent(code: 0x60)
static let F6 = KeyEvent(code: 0x61)
static let F7 = KeyEvent(code: 0x62)
static let F3 = KeyEvent(code: 0x63)
static let F8 = KeyEvent(code: 0x64)
static let F9 = KeyEvent(code: 0x65)
static let F11 = KeyEvent(code: 0x67)
static let F13 = KeyEvent(code: 0x69)
static let F16 = KeyEvent(code: 0x6A)
static let F14 = KeyEvent(code: 0x6B)
static let F10 = KeyEvent(code: 0x6D)
static let F12 = KeyEvent(code: 0x6F)
static let F15 = KeyEvent(code: 0x71)
static let Help = KeyEvent(code: 0x72)
static let Home = KeyEvent(code: 0x73)
static let PageUp = KeyEvent(code: 0x74)
static let ForwardDelete = KeyEvent(code: 0x75)
static let F4 = KeyEvent(code: 0x76)
static let End = KeyEvent(code: 0x77)
static let F2 = KeyEvent(code: 0x78)
static let PageDown = KeyEvent(code: 0x79)
static let F1 = KeyEvent(code: 0x7A)
static let LeftArrow = KeyEvent(code: 0x7B)
static let RightArrow = KeyEvent(code: 0x7C)
static let DownArrow = KeyEvent(code: 0x7D)
static let UpArrow = KeyEvent(code: 0x7E)
static let Hyphen = KeyEvent.Minus
static let VerticalLine = KeyEvent.Backslash.shifted
static let Plus = KeyEvent.Equal.shifted
extension KeyEvent {
init?(character: Character) {
switch character {
case "a":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.a.code)
case "s":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.s.code)
case "d":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.d.code)
case "f":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.f.code)
case "h":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.h.code)
case "g":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.g.code)
case "z":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.z.code)
case "x":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.x.code)
case "c":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.c.code)
case "v":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.v.code)
case "b":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.b.code)
case "q":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.q.code)
case "w":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.w.code)
case "e":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.e.code)
case "r":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.r.code)
case "y":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.y.code)
case "t":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.t.code)
case "o":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.o.code)
case "u":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.u.code)
case "i":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.i.code)
case "p":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.p.code)
case "l":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.l.code)
case "j":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.j.code)
case "k":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.k.code)
case "n":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.n.code)
case "m":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.m.code)
case "A":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.a.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "S":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.s.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "D":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.d.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "F":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.f.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "H":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.h.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "G":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.g.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "Z":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.z.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "X":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.x.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "C":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.c.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "V":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.v.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "B":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.b.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "Q":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.q.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "W":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.w.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "E":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.e.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "R":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.r.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "Y":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.y.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "T":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.t.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "O":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.o.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "U":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.u.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "I":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.i.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "P":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.p.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "L":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.l.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "J":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.j.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "K":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.k.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "N":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.n.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "M":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.m.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "1":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._1.code)
case "2":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._2.code)
case "3":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._3.code)
case "4":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._4.code)
case "5":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._5.code)
case "6":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._6.code)
case "7":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._7.code)
case "8":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._8.code)
case "9":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._9.code)
case "0":
self.init(code: KeyEvent._0.code)
case "=":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Equal.code)
case "[":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.LeftBracket.code)
case "]":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.RightBracket.code)
case "'":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Quote.code)
case ";":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Semicolon.code)
case "\\":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Backslash.code)
case ",":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Comma.code)
case "/":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Slash.code)
case ".":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Period.code)
case "`":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Grave.code)
case "\t":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Tab.code)
case " ":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Space.code)
case "-":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Minus.code)
case "_":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Minus.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "|":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Backslash.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
case "+":
self.init(code: KeyEvent.Equal.code, keepDowns: [KeyEvent.Shift.code])
return nil
/// Create key events from each characters included in applied string.
/// Character cannot converted will be ignored.
/// - parameters:
/// - string: string to convert key events
/// - returns: key events
static func events(string: String) -> [KeyEvent] {
return string.compactMap(KeyEvent.init)