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Quixote is a framework for writing Web-based applications using Python
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Quixote is a framework for developing Web applications in Python.
The target is web applications that are developed and maintained by
Python programmers.  See for a list of some
applications using Quixote.

For installation instructions, see the doc/INSTALL.txt file.  For
the impatient, install the package using and then run:

    python quixote/demo/

Note that you can copy the somewhere and use it as a
starting point for your application if you like.  See the Quixote
wiki page <> for more hints.

Documentation is available in the doc/ directory and on the Quixote
web site.

Quixote includes PTL, the Python Template Language for producing
HTML with Python code.  Note that the use of PTL is not required in
Quixote applications.  Details about PTL are provided in

Authors, copyright, and license

Quixote is copyrighted and made available under open source
licensing terms.  See LICENSE.txt for the details.  The ACKS.txt
file lists people who have assisted in the development of Quixote.
The CHANGES.txt file summarizes the changes made since version 2.4
and lists the authors of those changes.

Availability, home page, and mailing lists

The Quixote home page is:

Discussion of Quixote occurs on the quixote-users mailing list:

The source code is managed using git.  You can checkout a copy using
the command:

    git clone
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