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Aphlict server for Phabricator

One Aphlict server could serve one or several instances of Phabricator.

Run directly on HTTP

  1. Pull the image: docker pull nasqueron/aphlict
  2. Run the container: docker run -dt -p 22280:22280 -p 22281:22281 nasqueron/aphlict
  3. Configure your Phabricator instance at http://phabricator.domain.tld/config/edit/notification.servers

When you configure your instance, use the following template:

    "type": "client",
    "host": "aphlict.yourdomain.tld",
    "port": 22280,
    "protocol": "http"
    "type": "admin",
    "host": "aphlict.yourdomain.tld",
    "port": 22281,
    "protocol": "http"

TLS termination

Add a certificate to your container, replace the protocol http by https in Phabricator config.

Edit /opt/phabricator/conf/aphlict/aphlict.custom.json in your container, so ssl.key & ssl.cert certificates have the relevant paths.


You can get the server log using docker logs <your container name>.

To check the status of the server, use http://phabricator.domain.tld/config/cluster/notifications/