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convenient package for connecting to wifi networks with esp8266 devices
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convenient package for connecting to wifi networks with ESP8266 devices


The idea is to minimize the work required to connect an ESP8266 device to a router.

Step 1: Power on the first ESP-8266 device. Connect to the webserver it creates, navigate to and enter SSID/password for the router.

Step 2: Power on another/other ESP-8266 device(s). Press a button on the first device, and voila -- the other device(s) is/are connected.

#goal of the project

I want to make the IoT cheaper and easier for all.

There are many IoT companies and devices out there popping up. One flaw I see with them is that they usually require purchase of a 'hub' device that makes connection to the network easy, and may do some of the controlling of the devices. These hubs normally cost somewhere in the range of $50-$200. Routers can already handle 255 devices, so why not use those up before requiring someone to buy an expensive expansion hub?

This project is intended to be an implementation of best-practices IoT connection to standard routers with ESP-8266 devices, making entry into the IoT cheaper and easier for everyone.

#task list

  • figure out why tryConnect.lua is hanging up memory--holds about 6k memory after the file is done

  • figure out why chooseAP.lua won't compile..maybe related to why it drops wifi connection sometimes as AP

  • put HTML code in files, read files and send to client line-by-line

  • write code for step 2 in implementation

  • make webpage for entering SSID/password popup automatically

  • figure out if any/solve security issues

  • make interface look better/be easily customizable

  • port over to C and roll into NodeMCU software

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