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A small project illustrating Django and Backbone.js integration.
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This project is a lightweight application designed to showcase Django and Backbone.js integration. It's not in any way intended to be industrial-strength, security-hardened, or state-of-the-art. It has been pared down to illustrate concepts with as little noise as possible.

The project evolves over the course of the branches.


I've included a requirements.txt file, but really the only hard and fast requirements are Python and Django. I've tried to keep the Python and the Django relatively portable, but I think I'm using the json library, which suggests 2.6 or newer. On a UNIXy system, you can get this up and running by doing something like the following:

  1. when you clone this project, rename it "spine" (oops)
  2. sudo easy_install -U pip
  3. sudo pip install -U virtualenv
  4. mkdir $HOME/pythons
  5. pushd $HOME/pythons
  6. virtualenv --no-site-packages spiney
  7. popd
  8. ln -s $HOME/pythons/spiney/bin/activate
  9. source ./activate
  10. pip install -r ./requirements.txt
  11. python syncdb
  12. python runserver

At that point you should be able to hit and see the app.


  1. skeleton is a simple foundation for REST-style Django apps. It includes dependencies like backbone.js and jquery.
  2. django-emails installs some Django models, views, URLs, and templates to power the app.
  3. backbone-emails builds the Javascript layer that makes the basic app operate.
  4. add-delete adds the ability to delete a row and some validation.
  5. add-edit adds the ability to edit a row.


This project has been put together with a ton of help from a lot of people.

I've taken a lot of advice from my colleagues.

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