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Stricter JSON parse when content-type header is application/json. #2

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Just a little fix to address a problem we had during the Chargify datacenter migration last weekend. Their API was not returning a complete response and therefore the JSON was invalid. Instead of being caught at the source, the unpatched code would allow the body to slip by as a string, causing potential havoc downstream when code get a string instead of an object.

Would love to get this in a release if you have a moment, @natevw.


@natevw natevw merged commit 61b60cc into from

Ah, hmm. Forgot this had switched over to mikeal's request is req.body normally converted automatically and our code is just a backup? Was going to just clean up and release a minor update but please could you look into this? (I'm in CET and really must be sleeping now, but will try move this forward in my morning.)


Hi @natevw. I really appreciate you looking at this so quickly. I replied to inline comments above. Happy to discuss more tomorrow and have a good night.


Heh, didn't realize that this lib was still v0.2 so just a minor release should suffice. Just npm published version 0.3.0.


Cheers. Again, grateful for the fast response.

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  1. +7 −3 chargify.js
10 chargify.js
@@ -28,9 +28,13 @@ Chargify.prototype.request = function(options, callback) {
request(options, function(err, res, body) {
if (err) return callback(err);
- try {
- var body = JSON.parse(body);
- } catch(e) {}
+ if (res.headers['content-type'].indexOf('application/json') !== -1 && typeof body !== 'object') {
+ try {
+ res.body = body = JSON.parse(body);
+ } catch(e) {
+ return callback(e);
+ }
+ }
callback(err, res, body);
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