Continuous Electrowetting automation for improved liquid-metal RF device testing (Arduino, C++)
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Liquid-Metal Electronics

Project Overview Video

CEW Video

Repository that holds code to control an Arduino microcontroller and capacitive displacement sensors to automate the process of continuous electrowetting. This implementation enables accurate positional control by utilizing a microcontroller and positional feedback sensors using the Capacitive Sensing Library to directly improve liquid metal testing.


  1. Full Integration module
  2. Isolated sensor-reading module
  3. Isolated positional input module
  4. Isolated voltage trigger module

Developers Guide

  1. Attach capacitive displacement sensors to the Arduino Mega
  2. Select Arduino Mega in the Arduino IDE
  3. Run CEW_Automation.ino in the Arduino IDE
  4. Open the serial monitor and input desired liquid metal position

For project history and implementation: Continuous Electrowetting Automation