A bit of JavaScript to fix your text rag for prepositions, small words, or emphasis.
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Rag Adjust

A bit of JavaScript to automatically fix the rag of any body of text. Where you allow your lines to break in a block of text can be very important for readability, and quite tricky within a fluid layout. With this script you can set how and where you want your lines to break, creating a much more pleasing text rag.


First, link to the script in your HTML.


<script src="./js/ragadjust.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


Then, in your own JavaScript, set the parameters:


<script src="./js/ragadjust.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

	ragadjust('p, li, dd', 'all');




There are only two parameters to set:

ragadjust(elements, method);
  • Elements – A CSS selector list of the elements you wish to modify.
  • Method – Choose which rag-adjust method you want to employ.
    • emphasis – Text of three or less words in bold or italics does not break across lines.
    • small-words – Breaks lines before words of three or less characters.
    • prepositions – Breaks lines before prepositions.
    • dashes – Breaks lines before hyphens and dashes.


Rag Adjust will work in all modern browsers and IE8+.

Appendix: Prepositions matched

  • aboard
  • about
  • above
  • across
  • after
  • against
  • along
  • amid
  • among
  • anti
  • around
  • before
  • behind
  • below
  • beneath
  • beside
  • besides
  • between
  • beyond
  • concerning
  • considering
  • despite
  • down
  • during
  • except
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • following
  • from
  • inside
  • into
  • like
  • minus
  • near
  • onto
  • opposite
  • outside
  • over
  • past
  • plus
  • regarding
  • round
  • save
  • since
  • than
  • that
  • this
  • through
  • toward
  • towards
  • under
  • underneath
  • unlike
  • until
  • upon
  • versus
  • with
  • within
  • without

Suggestions, questions or concerns? nathan@artequalswork.com