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An interactive web application, inviting kids to engage with Nashville's local history and community.

Accounts needed for development


  1. Install MongoDB (
  • mongod
  1. Launch instance of MongoDB locally
  2. Install Node.js (
  3. Clone Github repository
  • git clone
  1. Inside newly created project directory:
  • npm install
  1. Launch node server
  • PORT=3000 DBNAME=nashploration node app/app.js
  1. Import locations from
  • curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/addHistory
  • This will create a 'locations' collection in your 'nashploration' db
  • This can be viewed by opening the mongo shell in your terminal or by downloading robomongo (mongodb visual data manager)
  1. Add Wikipedia data for locations to database
  • In terminal: mongoimport --db nashploration --collection wikilinks --file db/wiki.json --jsonArray
  1. You should now be ready to begin:
  • Kill current node server that is running ctrl+c
  • Start server with Mailgun key
    • PORT=3000 DBNAME=nashploration MAILGUN='your_key' node app/app.js Note: You can still develop without a Mailgun account as long as development does not pertain to anything regarding emails.

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Traceur
  • Jade
  • Less
  • Google Maps
  • Media Wiki
  • Mailgun