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SitePrism has now moved to HERE - Please change all repo links and favourite the new location.


Q) Why have you moved?

A) SitePrism has outgrown its previous home, and will be soon extending to some additional subgems

Q) What is going to change going forward?

A) Nothing, Nothing at all! We're simply doing this as an administrative way of allowing additional means to contribute and support the project

Q) What plans do you have?

A) Now we have a proper feature deprecator in place, we're going to be supporting and remaining on the 3.x series of SitePrism for a while. But there will be a 4.x version coming in 2020 some time. But that's a way away!

Q) How can I get involved

A) Raise issues on the new issue tracker/use the new PR system. The old repo will be slowly moving to a Read-Only view and no further commenting / issues / PRs will be permitted.

Q) Will you be supporting the old repo?

A) Yes, we plan on supporting the old repo until v3.4 of SitePrism. By which time we feel as though users will have had enough time to migrate over. It is quick and painless, so do it ASAP!