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@ColinSullivan1 ColinSullivan1 released this Jun 9, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

New Features, Enhancements, and Changes

  • Supports NATS 2.0 Authorization with Nkeys, JWTs, and user credential files.
  • Supports the NoEcho option to prevent applications receiving their own messages on a connection.
  • Added both blocking and async drain support, to gracefully drain unsubscribe and drain a subscription or connection.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow multiple URLS in the Option.Url property.
  • Avoid unnecessary allocation of Tasks (@lanfeust69)
  • Fix swallowed exceptions in connect (@lanfeust69)
  • Remove lock in EncodedConn.publishObject (@lanfeust69)
  • Default the count of published messages to 1 in the publish example (Chad Yates)
  • Fix subscriber usage text. (Chad Yates)
  • Print all parameters in the examples (Chad Yates)
  • Stop reading from TCP socket when host has gracefully disconnected. (George Songhurst)
  • Clean up code to workaround bug in c# uri class (@harrisa1)
  • Clean up and simplify url parsing logic (@harrisa1)
  • Updates to support default scheme and port (@harrisa1)
  • Prevent InFlightRequests from generating unobserved exceptions (Andreas Domfors)
  • Prevent the ConnectAsync task from generating unobserved task exceptions (Andreas Domfors)
  • Prevent NullReferenceException if these references are reassigned (Andreas Domfors)

Download on NuGet here.

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