Simple utility to render waveforms of audio files in various styles using System.Drawing
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Simple utility to render waveforms of audio files to PNGs. Uses NAudio to extract the peaks and System.Drawing to render the images.

The project contains the WaveFormRendererLib library which performs peak calculation and waveform rendering, along with a simple test harness WinForms application to try it out with different settings. This can be used in any project that is able to take a dependency on NAudio and System.Drawing. It can be used in WinForms or WPF apps, or within ASP.NET applications to generate server side waveform images.

The waveform rendering algorithm is customizable:

  • Supports several peak calculation strategies (max, average, sampled, RMS, decibels)
  • Supports different colors or gradients for the top and bottom half
  • Supports different sizes for top and bottom half
  • Overall image size and background can be customized
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Support for SoundCloud style bars
  • Several built-in rendering styles

Test Harness Application

Test harness app makes it easy to experiment with the various rendering options and save the results as a PNG. Test Harness UI

Example Waveforms

Basic solid color waveform Basic solid color

Gradient vertical bars (old SoundCloud style) Gradient vertical bars

Blocks (SoundCloud style) Blocks

Orange Blocks

Transparent Backgrounds Transparent Background

Transparent Background