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Open-source OPC UA client and server library
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Open-source OPC UA client and server library for .NET based on IEC 62541. Available as only source files, a demo client and a demo server. Tested and commercially used in industrial applications with commercial vendors' UA servers and clients.


  • Fully supported OPC UA core client and server specification.
  • OPC UA binary protocol with chunking.
  • Optimized memory buffers for encoding/decoding large and complex structures to/from raw bytes.
  • Support for all message types, node types, and default address space from the UA specification.
  • Support for signing and encrypted security profiles.
  • Anonymous, user/pass and certificate-based authentication.
  • Sessions, subscriptions (data change notifications and custom notifications), custom events and alarming.
  • Extendable server address space with hooks for client requests for access control, read handlers, write handlers, etc.
  • Support for reads, writes, updates, historical data and aggregation.
  • Server instances have low overhead: tested with hundreds of clients performing simultaneous historical reads, data change notification subscriptions and real-time writes.


Free for commercial use under the Apache License 2.0. Please give credit if you find this source useful.

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