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Ghost Material

Material Design inspired theme for Ghost blogging platform. Visit my blog for a demo.


  • Zero-dependency on CSS frameworks or Javascript libraries
  • Mobile-first and adapted to all screens according to Material Design guidelines
  • CSS Flexbox for layout structure
  • CSS Animations (no jQuery or Javascript)


Go to your Ghost installation path and clone repository under content/themes directory.

cd /your/ghost/path
cd content/themes/
git clone

Then restart your Ghost service and select "Material" theme on your blog setup page.



For color palette customizing you only have to edit the assets/css/theme.css file. I recommend to use Material Palette web to generate color palette based on two main colors, one for backgrounds and one for accent (links and buttons).


Animation timings, functions and definitions are customizable via assets/css/animations.css. Navbar autohide and cards slide-on events are triggered using Javascript, but animations and transitions are fully CSS based.


Some widgets are customizable via CSS classes.

  • Navigation Bar (navbar)

    • shaded: Add shadow
    • fixed: Set navbar as fixed on top
    • autohide: Hide/unhide navbar on scroll (fixed is required)
  • Header (header)

    • shaded: Add shadow

    • bg-darken|bg-lighten: It draws dark/light gradient on top of background images (for better readability)

    • Header Content (header--content)

      • onTop|onMiddle|onBottom: Align vertically header content
  • Cards (card)

    • image: Set bigger height on card header to show image

    • slide: Card is animated when is rendered

    • Card Header (card--header)

      • bg-darken|bg-lighten: It draws dark/light gradient on top of background images (for better readability)
  • FABs (fab class on <a>,<button> elements)

    • large: Display a bigger button (55.5px)
    • disabled: It's rendered as disabled button
    • ripple: Show ripple animation on click
  • Buttons (button class on <a>,<button> elements)

    • shaded: Add shadow
    • solid: Add solid color background
    • ripple: Show ripple animation on click


Ghost Material is widely motivated by Materialize and Material Design Lite projects. I've tried to use both frameworks with Ghost before but for some reason none of them convinced me, so I wanted to replicate what I like from them without using any heavy library or framework, just vanilla Javascript and CSS3.


Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0


Material Design theme for Ghost blogging platform



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