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3.4 (2016.05.24)

We have not been publically released nGrinder for last 2 years. It's true that we thought previous nGrinder was enough for our internal use.
As time goes by, surrounding circumstances(for example Java version or Docker) was been changing.. So we decided to continously enhance nGrinder.

  • New features and changes
    • Support Java 1.8
      • nGrinder now supports Java 1.8. Controller supports java 1.7 or above and Agent supports java 1.6 or above.
    • Provide elaborated script generator
      • Since nGrinder 3.0, we provided the script generation wizard that helps users easily create a default script.
      • However, it only created simple scripts for GET method case and people frequently asked to us how to use the other methods, how to use cookies and headers in the script.
      • In nGrinder 3.4, you can choose one of methods such as GET, POST and set HTTP headers and cookies in script creation form, then it will create useful example codes for you.
    • Provide a brand new nGrinder script recorder
      • A few years ago, we had released the script recorder based on JXBrowser. However it was not easy to run it due to several reasons.
      • Now, we have developed a brand-new script recorder from the scratch using the Chrome extension technology. If you are using Chrome browser, you can install nGrinder Script Recorder package.
      • See
    • Provide the dockerized nGrinder
    • Introduce new plugin architecture based on the PF4J
      • Previously we have used Atlassian Plugin Framework(APF) for plugins. However we found out it was too overwhelmed way to ngrinder extension and also found there are not much developers familiar with it.
      • So we dropped APF and adopt PF4J instead. See for details.
    • Add intro.js for easy understanding.
      • You can find the very small button "Tip" on every pages. Click it and see what it is.
  • Bug
    • #136 Support CJK for folder and script name
    • #111 GrinderUtils.getThreadUniqId() is not working in IntelliJ context
    • #103 Fix security issue
    • #104 TPS is the counting double
  • Improvement
    • #73 Configurable CSV file format
    • #91 Support Java 1.8
    • #158 Make vuser count optional in REST API
    • #147 Move ngrinder official link to
    • #115 Provide the script sample link in "create script modal"
  • Special Thanks To @chengaomin
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