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"DISPLAY": "Display",
"APPLYLAYOUT": "Apply Layout",
"CAMERAS": "Cameras",
"DISPLAYCFRM": "Do you want to display the current layout?",
"DCONFIRMTITLE": "Update Display",
"YES": "Yes",
"NO": "No",
"SUCCESS": "Success",
"FAILED": "Failed!",
"REFRESH": "Refresh Page",
"WORKING": "Please Wait",
"SETTINGS": "Settings",
"TIP": "tip: drag to rearrange",
"REFRESHRATE": "refresh rate",
"SEC": "seconds",
"MIN": "minutes",
"NEVER": "never",
"IPCAMERAS": "IP Cameras",
"CONFIGURE": "Configure Camera",
"CFGNOTICE": "H264 and MJPEG via RSTP/HTTP (TCP) Only",
"CFGMPG2": "MPEG2 Requires License",
"SCAN": "Scan Network",
"ADDCAMERA": "Add Camera",
"NAME": "Name",
"FEEDURI": "Feed URI",
"JPEGURI": "Preview URI",
"ASPECTRATIO": "Aspect Ratio",
"FILL": "Fill",
"STRETCH": "Stretch",
"LETTERBOX": "Letterbox",
"AUDIOOUTPUT": "Audio Output",
"NONE": "None",
"SPEAKER": "Speaker",
"BOTH": "Both",
"DISCOVERY": "Discovery",
"HOST": "Host/IP",
"USERNAME": "User Name",
"PASSWORD": "Password",
"QUERYCAM": "Query Camera",
"DELETE": "Delete",
"CANCEL": "Cancel",
"SAVE": "Save",
"ABOUTBTN": "About",
"UPDATEBTN": "Check for updates",
"HOMEPAGE": "Project Website",
"VERSION": "Version",
"HWINFO": "Raspberry Pi Hardware Details",
"VIDINFO": "Hardware Video Support",
"CPUSERIAL": "Serial Number",
"BUYLICENSE": "Purchase License Keys",
"ENABLED": "enabled",
"DISABLED": "disabled",
"SUPPORT": "Support",
"HELP": "Help (Wiki)",
"SOURCE": "Source Code (GitHub)",
"POWERED": "Powered by",
"AUTHORED": "Written by",
"THANKS": "Thanks To",
"LICENSE": "License",
"PIDISCLAIMER": "This project is not affliated with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.",
"TMDISCLAIMER": "All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them."
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