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Federated Lightning Address Server

How to run

  1. Download the binary from the releases page (or compile with go build or go get)
  2. Set the following environment variables somehow (using example values from
  1. Start the app with ./satdress
  2. Serve the app to the world on your domain using whatever technique you're used to

Multiple domains

Note that DOMAIN can be a single domain or a comma-separated list. When using multiple domains you need to make sure "Host" HTTP header is forwarded to satdress process if you have some reverse-proxy).

If you come from an old installation everything should get migrated in a seamless way, but there is also a FORCE_MIGRATE environment variable to force a migration (else this is done just the first time).

There is also a GLOBAL_USERS to make sure the user@ part is unique across all domains. But be warned that when enabling this option, existing users won't work anymore (which is by design).

Get help

Maybe ask for help on if you're in trouble.