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This application helps you keep track of daily bits of information (your weight, miles run, calories consumed, money spent, etc.) by storing them in your own Google Docs Spreadsheets.

The interface is minimal; just add a number. The app then adds a new row with the number and the current date to your chosen spreadsheet.

Benefits of this approach are:

  • Simpler interface than Google Docs Spreadsheets mobile app
  • Data is all maintained in your spreadsheets, easy to format, calculate, etc.
  • Your data won't be kept by anyone else (except Google of course)
  • No need to give the application your password; just authorize it to read/write spreadsheets

Available on the Google Play Store:

This project is open source, and we welcome bug reports and feature requests:


By using this application you may lose your data.

Yes, I have tried my absolute best to find any bugs; as far as I have tested, this program reads only the spreadsheets you select, and adds only the rows you asked to be added, but this is software and I cannot guarantee there won't be any bugs. Please do not use this software unless you have some degree of risk tolerance with your spreadsheet data.

See the license for more legalease describing, in many more words, the same thing.

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