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Extended Visio Addin Project

This extension contains a project template to create a extneded Microsoft Visio Addin based on Visual Tools for Office or vanilla COM Shared AddIn in C# and VB.NET

Published on:

In addition to standard functionality, the project generated with this extension features the following:

  • User interface to start with
  • A TaskPane (docking panel), and a button to control it.
  • Support for custom images for the buttons.
  • Optional support for state (enabled/disabled) for the buttons.
  • Optional support for legacy Visio version (command bar with buttons)
  • Optional support for ribbon designer

The add-in generated should work for Visio 2003 SP3 (COM addin only), 2007 SP3, 2010, 2013, 2016.

  • Both x32 and x64 Visio versions are supported (the code compiles to Any CPU).
  • Support per user/per machine install in one MSI
  • Visio files publishing functionality ("featured" Templates/Stencil on the start page and in menu)
  • Visio Addon (VSL) publishing support
  • Visio Help files (CHM) publishign support
  • Localization support (non-english UI for the installer)
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