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An Android open-source packing-list helper for your next trip.
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An open-source packing list for Android

Why another packing-list... because existing are incomplete, out-of-date or expensive and anyway not open-source. Which is very disappointing when you wish to save your lists and keep your phone out of always running tracking apps.

You can download APK on releases page or get it from them:

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

Tech note : GitHub and Play Store releases use same certificate. F-Droid uses their own certificate.


Screenshots in english can be found here. They are also available in other languages

One tab screenshot

Objectives in term of functionality :

  • multi-language (currently English , Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, spanish and French but please help for others)
  • pre-filling of list through questions on what you are planning to do during your trip

Objectives :

  • free
  • open-source
  • high respect of user privacy: no usage tracker, no automatic crash report, no data uploaded, no permissions see FAQ, "where is data stored"

Objectives in term of coding :

BUT a place for experimentation of up-to-date technology

  • material design
  • android studio 3.1
  • vector drawables, using asset studio
  • android data-binding (
  • constraint layouts (Work in progress, not yet for all layouts)
  • kotlin (Work in progress, not yet for all files)
  • java 8 code formatting
  • Dagger 2 injection (Work in progress, not yet for all modules)


Apache 2

Development status

Basic functionality are fresh but working, advanced functionality are being added when asked in issue tracker.

History of release

See detailed changelog in "changelog.xml"

  • 0.13 (18th december 2017) adding support of 5 new languages
  • 0.12 (15th november 2017) improving categories colors, fixing crashes when coming from background
  • 0.11 (25th june 2017) improving categories management
  • 0.10 (21st july 2016) adding categories and item suggestions
  • 0.9 (26th may 2016) adding export, improved sorting, unpacking all, improved accessibility
  • 0.8 ( 9th april 2016) mass import and total weight
  • ...
  • 0.1 alpha ( 6th january 2016)

Want to know more ?

Have a look at doc folder.

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