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*** NB Server and various client user interfaces
*** Developed in part of the Haystack group
*** Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
*** code released under the MIT License
*** (cf. MIT-LICENSE.txt or
*** Contact: <>
*** Authors: cf AUTHORS file in this directory

cf INSTALL for installation instructions.

The NB server is meant to be run as a Django app on a Django-enabled
Apache server. For development only, you can also run it as a standalone
application, using the embedded Django development server.

Startup instructions:

1- On a Django-enabled Apache server

    Make sure that your Apache configuration file (httpd.conf for instance)
    has the following line

        WSGIScriptAlias / $(PATH_TO_NB)/servers/apache/django.wsgi

    where $(PATH_TO_NB) refers to to location of the nb directory.

2- Using the embedded django development server
    (for development / debug purposes only)

        cd $(PATH_TO_NB)/servers
        python runserver

Thanks for your interest in NB!

Please keep in mind that...

- NB comes without any kind of  warranty!

- NB wasn't designed to be particularly secure
  (don't use it to store confidential information!)

- NB is an active research project that *** NEEDS YOUR PARTICIPATION ***.

  So, how can you participate?

  1- Contact us ( to donate (some of) your annotations:

      If you setup an NB server, please, consider granting us read access to
      (part of) your NB database (email This is VITAL
      so we can so we can use the notes for our research (extract statistics,
      look at themes of annotations, and usage patterns, see how usage habits
      change when feature X is being introduced). Of course, we will need to
      ask users their permission in order to be able to use quotes from their
      notes in any kind of published research (and if anything gets published,
      it will be anonymized), in accordance with the COUHES protocol:

  2- Add features and fix bugs: