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Haxe WebIDL

This library allows to access any C++ library from Haxe/JS (using Emscripten or Web Assembly) and Haxe/HashLink by simply defining an idl file.

For a complete example, see the sample

Given the following IDL file describing a C++ library:

interface Point {
    attribute long x;
    attribute long y;
    void Point();
    void Point( long x, long y );
    [Operator="*",Ref] Point op_add( [Const,Ref] Point p );
    double length();

And the following Haxe code (strictly typed thanks to IDL definitions):

class Sample {

    public static function main() {
	var p1 = new Point();
	p1.x = 4;
	p1.y = 5;
	var p2 = new Point(7,8);
	var p = p1.op_add(p2);
	trace('Result = ${p.x},${p.y} len=${p.length()}');

This compiles to the following Javascript:

// Generated by Haxe 4.0.0
(function () { "use strict";
var Sample = function() { };
Sample.main = function() {
    var this1 = _eb_Point_new0();
    var p1 = this1;
    var this2 = _eb_Point_new2(7,8);
    var p2 = this2;
    var p = _eb_Point_op_add1(p1,p2);
    console.log("Result = " + _eb_Point_get_x(p) + "," + _eb_Point_get_y(p) + " len=" + _eb_Point_length0(p));

Haxe webidl can be used for both Haxe/JS and Haxe/HashLink, the cpp bindings generated are the same for both platforms.