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This is a project that allows an Axiom CMS administrator to manage sessions.
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Manage Sessions

This is a module for Axiom CMS applications that lets you control the sessions of the users from within the CMS.
It shows you the start time of the session, how long it should last for, end time, and even allows you to log that session out.


To use this module just put the code in your modules directory.

<axiom root>/modules

Then, make sure to add the module to your list of modules in your file, but put it after the cms module.


Providing this kind of access to your server is a fairly bad idea. It's probably a good way to get your site hacked.
I recommend only using this in a development environment or making sure that your security settings are locked way down.

In the event that you disregard the above information, I'm not going to fix your site for you. I might help if you ask nicely, but keep in mind that it is your fault and not mine. :)
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