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NISO Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) version 1.0

Preview XSLT stylesheets

For documentation on these stylesheets, see:

  • quickstart.pdf -- "Bare bones" instructions
  • user-docs.pdf -- User documentation including assumptions and limitations
  • technical-docs.pdf -- More technical documentation, especially for those who wish to customize their environment or the stylesheets

Or the same documents in HTML format.

These same documents are included with tagging according to NISO JATS 1.0, from which the PDF and HTML was generated:

  • quickstart.xml
  • user-docs.xml
  • technical-docs.xml

As such, they are suitable for testing the stylesheets.

As described in the documentation, these XSLT 1.0 transformations will work standalone:

  • xslt/main/jats-html.xsl
  • xslt/main/jats-xslfo.xsl

To provide additional functionality, these stylesheets are also called into pipelines, which may be invoked using stylesheets included in the shells/saxon directory:

  • jats-APAcit-html.xsl
  • jats-APAcit-xslfo.xsl
  • jats-PMCcit-html.xsl
  • jats-PMCcit-print-fo.xsl
  • jats-PMCcit-web-html.xsl
  • jats-PMCcit-xhtml.xsl
  • jats-PMCcit-xslfo.xsl
  • jats-oasis-PMCcit-fo.xsl

As described in the documentation, these are XSLT 2.0 with Saxon extensions, and require a recent version of the Saxon processor to run. (Tested under Saxon 9.4.)

Or if XProc is preferred, use the XProc versions (with the same names) given in the shells/xproc directory.

Plus, there is a CSS stylesheet to be used with HTML results of any of these processes (including the HTML versions of the documentation): *jats-preview.css

The file saxon-bug-readme.txt describes a bug that may be encountered when using one of the stylesheets with certain versions of Saxon (or with XProc invoking Saxon), which is most easily addressed by upgrading the tool (to a copy distributed since the bug was reported and fixed).

The following files are included in this distribution (as described in the documentation). Directories are in bold.

  • jats-preview.css
  • quickstart.html
  • quickstart.pdf
  • quickstart.xml
  • readme.txt
  • saxon-bug-readme.txt
  • technical-docs.html
  • technical-docs.pdf
  • technical-docs.xml
  • userguide.html
  • userguide.pdf
  • userguide.xml
  • shells
    • saxon
      • jats-APAcit-html.xsl
      • jats-APAcit-xslfo.xsl
      • jats-oasis-PMCcit-fo.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit-html.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit-print-fo.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit-web-html.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit-xhtml.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit-xslfo.xsl
    • xproc
      • jats-APAcit-html.xpl
      • jats-APAcit-xslfo.xpl
      • jats-oasis-PMCcit-fo.xpl
      • jats-PMCcit-html.xpl
      • jats-PMCcit-print-fo.xpl
      • jats-PMCcit-web-html.xpl
      • jats-PMCcit-xhtml.xpl
      • jats-PMCcit-xslfo.xpl
  • xslt
    • citations-prep
      • jats-APAcit.xsl
      • jats-PMCcit.xsl
    • main
      • jats-html.xsl
      • jats-xslfo.xsl
      • shell-utility.xsl *xhtml-tables-fo.xsl
      • oasis-tables
      • oasis-table-html.xsl
      • oasis-table-support.xsl
      • oasis-table.sch
    • post
      • xhtml-ns.xsl
    • prep
      • jats-printfilter.xsl
      • jats-webfilter.xsl
      • oasis-tables-html.xsl

Our policy on merging changes:

These stylesheets are provided as a point of entry for JATS users who may not have the resources to create them from scratch. Because there are many varied implementations of JATS, you should have no expectation that these stylesheets will create production ready files in any arbitrary system. Instead, the stylesheets should be customized for your particular needs.

Because we view these stylesheets as a template for a customized solution, not the solution itself, we will accept changes that fix an actual bug, but we will not merge in changes that we view as “customization”. For example, we will accept changes that fix a problem which otherwise leads to failure in creating a final output file, but we will not accept changes that focus on presentational aspects of the final output (such as font changes, margin changes, graphics sizing, etc).

If you believe that you have a customization of the stylesheets that would benefit other users please fork this repository and announce your fork on the JATS mailing list,

This work is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used without the permission of the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

We request only that the NLM is cited as the source of the work.

Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.


JATS Preview Stylesheets



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