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What is Scout2?

Scout2 is a security tool that lets AWS administrators assess their environment's security posture. Using the AWS API, Scout2 gathers configuration data for manual inspection and highlights high-risk areas automatically. Rather than pouring through dozens of pages on the web, Scout2 supplies a clear view of the attack surface automatically.

Scout2 was designed by security consultants/auditor. It is meant to provide a point-in-time security-oriented view of the AWS account it was run in. Once the data has been gathered, all usage may be performed offline.

For engineers in order to implement periodic and/or continuous review of their AWS environment, Scout2 may be used a base framework that provides. TODO TODO.

Basic workflow

Assuming access to the AWS APIs has already been configured on a machine (e.g. you can use the AWS CLI), then installing and using Scout2 should be trivial:

  1. Install Scout2
pip install awsscout2
  1. Run the tool
Scout2 (--profile <profile-name>)
  1. Browse the HTML report that is automatically open in the default web browser

Advanced usage

  1. Generate a list of trusted IP ranges
  2. Generate a custom ruleset
  3. Provide Scout2 with the custom ruleset and trusted IP ranges
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