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BHR Site

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This is the BHR site / API endpoint.

It does not make any policy decisions except for the block duration auto scaling.

It basically acts as a message queue between bhr clients adding blocks, and bhr clients implementing blocks.

Blocks flow through the system like so:

  • A BHR Client calls block(cidr='', source='readme', why='because!', duration=300)
  • This entry is now in the system but not marked as blocked.
  • A BHR Client calls get_block_queue() which will return a list containing that record
  • That BHR Client will then add a firewall rule, bgp entry, whatever
  • That BHR Client calls set_blocked and marks it as blocked

300 seconds pass

  • A BHR client calls get_unblock_queue which returns a list containing that record
  • That BHR client will remove the firewall rule, bgp entry, whatever
  • That BHR client calls set_unblocked and marks it as unblocked

Bhr clients have an 'ident' associated with them, and blocks/unblocks are tracked per ident. This enables a single BHR system to be used to apply blocks across multiple backend systems.


Create bhr_site/ with something like:

LOCAL_SETTINGS = True  # do not touch
from settings import * # do not touch

DEBUG = False
ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['', 'bhr']

# openssl rand -base64 48
SECRET_KEY = 'output of the openssl command above'


ADMINS = (("You", "root@localhost"), )

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2',
        'NAME': 'bhr',

BHR = {
    'time_multiplier':              2.0,
    'time_window_factor':           2.0,
    'minimum_time_window':          43200.0,
    'penalty_time_multiplier':      2.0,
    'return_to_base_multiplier':    2.0,
    'return_to_base_factor':        2.0,
    'unauthenticated_limited_query':  True,
    'local_networks':               [''],
    'minimum_prefixlen':            23,
    'minimum_prefixlen_v6':         64,

Be sure to generate a site specific random SECRET_KEY

The unauthenticated_limited_query setting enables:

  • The /bhr/limited/query and /bhr/limited/list pages
  • The /bhr/api/query_limited api endpoint
  • The /bhr/publist.csv feed.

These do not require authentication but return a subset of the fields.

And configure apache similar to examples/apache.conf


$ docker-compose run --rm web python migrate
$ docker-compose run --rm web python createsuperuser
$ docker-compose run --rm web python creategroups
$ docker-compose up
$ docker-compose run --rm web python test -v 2

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