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Offline Stack Build Status

This project provides a demo of using Haskell Stack without internet access.

The demo is all in appveyor.yml, which is executed on Appveyor. It comprises of the following steps:

  • Build and execute a Haskell binary which can serve up any files from the internet and mirror them.
  • Set http_proxy and https_proxy to invalid values, so any attempt by Stack to access the internet directly fails.
  • Set all the appropriate Stack settings to hit the Haskell binary.

This code demonstrates the steps required, but does not address two crucial issues:

  • It doesn't say how to get the files in the first place. One way of addressing that is with haskell-stack-mirror-script from @AleXoundOS.
  • It provides a mechanism to serve the files up, but it may not be the most appropriate mechanism - often using an existing Apache/IIS server to serve the files will be easier, and provide additional features.