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This is a simple perl script that will take a password list and filter out passwords based on a certain policy (complexity, length, ...). This makes it easier that when you want to do a bruteforce with a big password list, it won't try the weak passwords (too short, only lowercase ....) which you know won't work anyway.


It's very straight forward, you basically need 4 things:

  • input file (can be STDIN)
  • output file (can be STDOUT)
  • length of passwords (optional, as a range)
  • complexity policy (optional)

For example:

$ cat pwlist.txt | ./ -i -- -o 8-char-digits.txt -l 8-8 -p d

Will get all the passwords from STDIN, and only write away the ones that are exactly 8 chars (-l 8-8), and have at least a digit (-p d) in them.

$ ./ -i rockyou.txt -o -- -l 8-10 -p ud 

Will take all passwords from rockyou.txt, and only display the ones between 8 and ten characters (both inclusive) which have at least one uppercase character, and one digit in them. The -o parameter tells us that the output is pushed to STDOUT.

More information about the different options is written below.


Although quickly touched upon above, here are the options explained in detail:

  • -i [file]: An input file which the script will read from. Use a double dash ("--") to specify STDIN. When specifying STDIN, you can pipe the output of another program to this script.
  • -o [file]: An output file where all the filtered passwords are written to. When specifing "--", this is written to STDOUT, so it can be piped to another command.
  • -l [minlen-maxlen]: This specifies the length of the passwords to filter, both inclusive. The output will only contain words that are not shorter than and not longer than .
  • -p [slud]: Password policy, whereby the letters stand for the following: special characters, lowercase, uppercase, digits. When specified, the script will only output a word that has at least one of these.
  • -a: Only display passwords with ASCII compatible characters.
  • -v: verbose output.

Questions / Comments

This script was quickly written, so there's always room for improvement. Feel free to fork it, or contact me at @ndrix.