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Merge pull request xproc#834 from ndw/iss825

Attempt to fix xproc#825
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ndw committed Jul 11, 2019
2 parents c473b32 + 4aa746e commit b058689ec03776454f5b0e79c7865e77d1191946
Showing with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −5 xproc/src/main/xml/specification.xml
@@ -3686,7 +3686,7 @@ expressions.</para>

<para>A <tag>p:choose</tag> contains an arbitrary number of
alternative <glossterm
baseform="subpipeline">subpipelines</glossterm>, exactly one of which
baseform="subpipeline">subpipelines</glossterm>, at most one of which
will be evaluated. <error code="S0074">It is a <glossterm>static
error</glossterm> if a <tag>p:choose</tag> has neither a
<tag>p:when</tag> nor a <tag>p:otherwise</tag>.</error></para>
@@ -3701,8 +3701,7 @@ expression evaluates to true in its context. After a subpipeline is
selected, no further guard expressions are evaluated. If there are no
subpipelines for which the expression evaluates to true then,
if a default subpipeline was specified, it is selected, otherwise,
no subpipeline runs and an empty sequence appears on all of the
no subpipeline is selected.</para>

<para>After a <glossterm>subpipeline</glossterm> is selected, it is
evaluated as if only it had been present.</para>
@@ -3773,8 +3772,7 @@ elements and the <tag>p:otherwise</tag> element are not in
port. No documents will be written to the primary output port if there isn’t a default readable port, but that
is not an error in this case. No documents will ever be written to any non-primary output ports in this case.</para>
<para>Informally: the default sub-pipeline for a missing <tag>p:otherwise</tag> is a <tag>p:identity</tag> step
(with the additional feature that it isn’t an error if there’s no default readable port). A primary output port
on the <tag>p:when</tag> branches for this is required.</para>
(with the additional feature that it isn’t an error if there’s no default readable port). If the <tag>p:when</tag> branches do not have a primary output port, no output will be produced on any port.</para>

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