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Imports events from to the Emacs diary
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Imports events from to the Emacs diary.

This repository is a “fork” of org-mac-iCal.el which is described in the Worg. I say “fork” because the original file doesn’t appear to be available in a repository anywhere.

I created this repository to publish my changes and keep track of issues.

The original file is copyright © 2009-2014 by Christopher Suckling. I attempted to reach him at the email address published in the file but did not get a reply.

Changes in this fork

  • Added support for including Exchange calendars
  • Added org-mac-iCal-import-exchange go enable or disable Exchange calendars.

    In principle, Exchange calendars are supported, but there are clearly issues with time zones and the way Exchange handles repeating/duplicated/declined events.

    Sometimes the Exchange .ics file contains several events with the same UID. Sometimes they have different SEQUENCE numbers. It’s unclear how these are supposed to be handled. At present, they sometimes occur multiple times in the diary.

  • Updated the code that attempts to determine if a calendar is “checked” by reading the Info.plist so that it handles a missing plist file correctly.
  • The sw_vers regex has been updated so that it will accept versions of MacOS after 10.8.
  • Added org-mac-iCal-calendar-names. If the names list isn’t nil, then calendars with those names (titles) are included, ignoring the Checked flag. The Checked flag doesn’t seem to be reliable in MacOS 10.14.
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