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Travel map app

These are the sources for the travel map app.


This travel map application runs on MarkLogic 5. You can run it on an earlier release if you download and install the REST API Library.


FIXME: add some more detail here

  1. Create a database and app server for the application.
  2. Point the app server root at this repository.
  3. Load the data (see below). The data comes from OurAirports.
  4. Point your browser at the app server and you should be ready to go!

Load the data

I loaded the data in QueryConsole:

xquery version "1.0-ml";

declare default function namespace "";

declare namespace air="";

declare option xdmp:mapping "false";

let $airports := xdmp:document-get("/MarkLogic/travelmap/etc/airports.xml")/air:airports
let $load := for $airport in $airports/air:airport
             let $uri := concat("/airports/", $airport/air:id, ".xml")
               xdmp:document-insert($uri, $airport)
  concat("Loaded ", count($airports/air:airport), " airports.");

Change the xdmp:document-get path as necessary to point to the airports.xml data.

Depending on how you setup the security on the server, you may need to add read privileges to the documents that you insert.

Questions or problems

Let norm know.

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