Samples featured in Neal Ford's O'Reilly video Functional Thinking
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Neal Ford Functional Thinking Video Samples

Samples featured in Neal Ford's O'Reilly video Functional Thinking.

Functional Thinking cover

Functional Thinking

Learning the syntax of a new language is easy, but learning to think under a different paradigm is difficult. This video from renowned software architect Neal Ford helps you transition from a Java-writing imperative programmer to a functional programmer, using Java, Clojure and Scala as examples.

Rather than focus on specific language features, Functional Thinking looks at a variety of common practices in OOP languages and then shows you how to solve the same problems using a functional language. For instance, you know how to achieve code-reuse in Java via mechanisms such as inheritance and polymorphism. Code reuse is also possible in functional languages, using high-order functions, composition, and multi-methods.

Ford encourages you to value results over steps, so you can begin to think like a functional programmer. Expect your mind to be bent, but you’ll finish with a much better understanding of both the syntax and semantics of functional languages. This video is ideal for any experienced programmer.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (35 minutes)
  • Gradually Getting Started (41 minutes)
  • Functions (29 minutes)
  • Laziness (34 minutes)
  • Coupling vs. Composition (25 minutes)
  • Functional Data Structures (25 minutes)
  • Rethinking Dispatch (20 minutes)
  • Summary (25 minutes)

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Featured Samples

  • Number Classifier
    • Java
      • Imperative
      • Slightly more functional
    • Functional Java
    • Totally Lazy
    • Groovy
    • Scala
    • Clojure
  • Closures in Groovy
  • Memoization in Groovy
  • Lazy Lists in Groovy
  • Palindromes
    • Groovy
    • Clojure
  • Prime numbers
  • Parsing XML in Clojure using Zippers
  • Either and Option in Java