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Template for NEAR dapps

  • Create NEAR dapps with a React frontend 🐲
  • We got Webpack! 💥
  • We got Gulp! 💦
  • We got Corgis? 🐶

To Run on local node

Step 1: Create account for the contract and deploy the contract.

npm install
near create_account --account_id id
near deploy --account_id id

Step 2: modify src/config.js line that sets the contractName. Set it to id from step 1.

const contractName = "contractId"; /* TODO: fill this in! */

Step 3: Finally, run the command in your terminal.

npm start

The server that starts is for static assets and by default serves them to localhost:5000. Navigate there in your browser to see the app running!

To Test

npm install
npm run-script build
npm test

To Explore

  • assembly/main.ts for the contract code
  • src/index.html for the front-end HTML
  • src/main.js for the JavaScript front-end code and how to integrate contracts
  • src/test.js for the JS tests for the contract
  • src/frontend.jsx for the first react component
  • src/frontend.css for styles

Note: that these files can all be moved around and customized. The point of this template is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible without needing to hastle with all the config.

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