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The Bitcoin Whitepaper in Braille

This is the Bitcoin whitepaper in Braille, including tactile diagrams. It was produced in 2017 by Neatnik LLC, and transcribed and printed by the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, KY.

The first page of the Bitcoin whitepaper in Braille

Files in this repository

(If you just want to browse the complete document, bitcoin-braille.pdf is probably what you’re looking for.)

  • bitcoin.brf contains the main document in Braille ASCII, with blank placeholder pages where tactile diagrams should be included
  • bitcoin-tactile.pdf [10 pages] contains the tactile diagrams with page number references
  • bitcoin-braille.pdf [37 pages] contains the main document with tactile pages in place (this is not suitable for embossing; it’s just to see what it looks like all together)
  • aph-originals/S-07729-01_BITCOIN.BRF is the original BRF file provided by APH
  • aph-originals/S-07729-01_BITCOIN.CDR is the original Corel Draw file provided by APH
  • aph-originals/S-07729-01_BITCOIN.PDF is the original PDF file of tactile diagrams provided by APH


The Bitcoin whitepaper, transcribed in Braille (with tactile diagrams)