Simple static file server with cli and webinterface
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Surfer is a Simple static file server. It comes with a commandline tool to upload files from your local folders and a webinterface to manage files directly on the server.

!!WARNING this repo has moved to



or using the Cloudron command line tooling

cloudron install --appstore-id io.cloudron.surfer



The app package can be built using the Cloudron command line tooling.

git clone
cd surfer
cloudron build
cloudron install


Surfer can also be run standlone on any server:

git clone
cd surfer
npm install
./server.js <public folder>

Use the admin tool to manage local users.

File management

The admin interface is available under the /_admin location or you can upload files using the commandline tool.

First, install the surfer cli tool using npm.

npm -g install cloudron-surfer

Login using your Cloudron credentials:

surfer login <this app's url>

Put some files:

surfer put [file]


The e2e tests are located in the test/ folder and require nodejs. They are creating a fresh build, install the app on your Cloudron, perform tests, backup, restore and test if the files are still ok.

cd surfer

npm install
USERNAME=<cloudron username> PASSWORD=<cloudron password> mocha --bail test/test.js