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This is a program that investigates your machine, and prints information about the Python installation. It's useful for diagnosing problems on machines you can't touch yourself. I've used it for continuous integration machines, and for helping people remotely.

It reads a lot of information, and prints it out. That's it. It does not change anything on your machine.

If someone asks you to run this and show them the output, please examine the output first to be sure it doesn't contain information you don't want to share.

You can see a sample report to get an idea of what to expect.

Running the doctor

The simplest way to run this is directly from GitHub:

$ wget -qO - http://bit.ly/pydoctor | python -

You can of course also download doctor.py and read it first to be sure you like what it will do.

The output consists of a number of sections. With no arguments, doctor.py will print everything. You can specify section names to get just that information. See doctor.py --help for details.


If this program fails, or gets something wrong, please open an issue to let me know. Pull requests also welcome.