3DS Kernel Exploit <= 11.2
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This is an exploit for an ARM11 kernel vulnerability in Nintendo 3DS versions <= 11.2.

Core 1 (SYSCORE) runs a thread that handles a synchronization event queue. Objects added to the queue do not have their reference count incremented. When the thread goes to fetch an object, it locks the scheduler, but this doesn't prevent a user thread on core 0 from freeing the timer object, thus leading to a UAF. Because a vtable pointer is located at the free pointer location, this leads to kernel code execution. Many workarounds are needed for stability; those are documented as part of the codebase.

This exploit installs svcBackdoor at SVC numbers 0x30 and 0x7b.


@nedwill: Vulnerability discovery and exploit code for N3DS USA 11.2, fixes to get 100% stability

@d3m3vilurr: Found offsets for all versions of O3DS/N3DS, many bugfixes, ACL patching

@Steveice10: SVC ACL check patch

@kim-yannick: O3DS 11.2 support, rounding error fix

@kade-robertson: Travis support

@de0u: Teaching me how to find this bug

Luma3DS: svcBackdoor implementation bytes

waithax: some snippets related to finding svcBackdoor

If I missed anyone/anything, feel free to ping me.


Binaries are available on the release page. Otherwise, just run make with devkitpro and ctrulib installed. This is a normal homebrew application that is meant to be launched as a .3dsx.

For homebrew application developers

User applications should not embed kernel exploit code to ensure compatibility for future ARM11 kernel exploits, and to allow updates to existing exploits.

All current ARM11 kernel exploit projects (currently, waithax and this project) install a backdoor to SVC 0x30, as this SVC is originally stubbed, and always permitted by ACL. This means any process can run code in the context of the kernel without invasive kernel modifications.

SVC 0x7B is also available as a backdoor for compatibility purposes.

For more detailed code examples, please check Mrrraou's snippets.