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A small program for 'tinting' colors by values. Also supports inverting colors.

command output
colort 1 "#000000" #010101
colort -l 1 "#FFFFFF" #FFFFFF
colort -l 1 "#FFFFFF" #FFFFFF, exit status 0
colort -i "#000000" #FFFFFF
colort 60 "#000000" #3C3C3C
colort -60 "#000000" #C4C4C4
colort -s 4 1 "spam000000spam" spam010101spam
colort -t -s 4 1 "spam000000spam" 010101
colort -t "ff000000" 000000
colort -r 1 "#000000" #010000


  • The color is assumed to be the last 6 chars of the input string (can be changed with -s)
  • If the tint value is omitted, defaults to 0.
  • The -l flag limits color tinting by not letting values roll around.
    • if 2 or more of RGB is limited when this is turned on, exit status of 1.
  • The -i flag inverts colors.
  • The -s flag selects the index in the input string to start getting color from.
  • The -t flag makes the output only the color string
  • The -c flag calculates the contrast of the color. If this evaluates to black, exit status 0. If white, exit status 1.
  • If the -r, -g, or -b flags are used, red, green, or blue are affected by the operation respectively.
  • The tint value can be within the set of values supported by a long datatype.

Example use cases:

Invert a background color to have readable text on any background:

1 2 3

Auto-determine select and icon colors for GTK themes based on the background (using oomox and acyl in these examples)

  • Select_color="$(colort -c "$BG" && colort 25 "$BG" || colort -25 "$BG")"
    • If the background contrast is 'dark', tint up, else tint down.
  • Icon_color="$(colort -c "$BG" && colort -l 80 "$BG" || colort -l -80 "$BG")"
    • the same logic, but tinted further to make icons more bold, and a flag to top out at white or black.
1 2 3

If for some reason we wanted everything to have a blue tint, we can wrap both the above calls with a colort -b 40:

1 2 3

Input background colors used for the examples: 282828, AB4642, D8D8D8 from base16 colorsets.


  • consider accepting input from STDIN
  • update the man page
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