Consistent cheat sheets for multiple programming languages.
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Consistent cheat sheets for multiple programming languages.


Please contribute by making corrections or additions to existing tools, or adding examples, tools, features, or feature sets!

The list of features and tools (i.e. programming languages or frameworks) is driven from a set of JSON files in the 'data' folder:

  • featuresets.json lists all the features that will be described for different tools, such as string comparison and pushing to an array. Features are grouped into feature sets, such as Strings and Collections.
  • tools/_list.json is a list of all the tools. A tool is a language or framework: anything that provides some "features."
  • tools/*.json are the different tools. The file contains some basic information about the tool, then the definitions for each feature it provides.

Each tool feature has the following fields:

  • code: The code snippet. Should be as brief as possible to communicate what is needed.
  • api: The URL of the most relevant API reference document for that code.
  • version: The first version of the tool that had this feature.
  • sample: A URL to a fully-functional code example, on JSFiddle, Gist, or some other service. Should be fully-functional as-is for a user to see the tool feature in action.

To add or modify a feature or tool:

  • Fork this repository
  • Make the appropriate changes. If you are adding a new tool, you can generate an empty tool json file by cd'ing to the shell directory and running 'node generate-tool-json.js mytoolname'
  • If you added a new tool, add it to the _list.json file
  • Validate your json using the JsonLint web site or command line tool
  • Submit a pull request

Please use hard tabs, not spaces, when adding entries to the JSON file, just to keep things consistent.

More instructions:

Private Installations

Feel free to make a private fork for internal use within your organization. For example, you may want to include just the languages and libraries and versions you use, add proprietary frameworks, or modify features to match your coding standards. All I ask is that, if you make any additions to publicly-available tools, please do a pull request to add them to the master.


To run, clone the repository, then run npm install. The application must be run within a web server that supports .htaccess files and rewriting, and it must be installed at the root level of its domain.

If you do not yet have npm installed, get it here:


Released under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE