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Slack like emoji selector with apple/ios, twitter/twemoji, google, emojione, facebook, messenger and custom emoji support. I ❤️ opensource.

Thanks to Cal Henderson @iamcal.


wdt-emoji-bundle gif


Use one of the following:

  • npm npm i wdt-emoji-bundle
  • bower bower i wdt-emoji-bundle
  • pull in the source directly, load wdt-emoji-bundle.min.js, wdt-emoji-bundle.css and the sheets/ directory



Advanced configuration

Tell the widget where to get the sheets from = './sheet_apple.png';        // default /sheets/sheet_apple_64.png = './sheet_google.png';      // default /sheets/sheet_google_64.png
wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.emojiSheets.twitter = './sheet_twitter.png';    // default /sheets/sheet_twitter_64.png
wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.emojiSheets.emojione = './sheet_emojione.png';  // default /sheets/sheet_emojione_64.png
wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.emojiSheets.facebook = './sheet_facebook.png';  // default /sheets/sheet_facebook_64.png
wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.emojiSheets.messenger = './sheet_messenger.png';  // default /sheets/sheet_messenger_64.png


Set emoji set default sheet (this has to be done before the init)

wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.emojiType = 'apple';

otherwise use



Hover color classes for picker's emoji's

wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.pickerColors = [
  'green', 'pink', 'yellow', 'blue', 'gray'


Picker tab section's orders, higher is first. Bundle render the sections according to this values.

wdtEmojiBundle.defaults.sectionOrders = { 
  'Recent'  : 10, 
  'Custom'  : 9, 
  'People'  : 8, 
  'Nature'  : 7, 
  'Foods'   : 6, 
  'Activity': 5, 
  'Places'  : 4, 
  'Objects' : 3, 
  'Symbols' : 2, 
  'Flags'   : 1


Render function takes any html string and convert to emojies based on the current bundle emoji type. (apple, google, twitter, emojione)

var output = wdtEmojiBundle.render('Lorem ipsum :) :speak_no_evil:');


Event listeners: 'select', 'afterSelect', 'afterPickerOpen'

wdtEmojiBundle.on('afterSelect', function (event) {
  console.log('element', event.el);
  console.log('emoji', event.emoji);


Auto open the emoji picker when the user types the colon key : in the input:

  • Add class '.wdt-emoji-open-on-colon' to the input field that is going to have the emoji picker


  • Better documentation :)
  • Responsive Improvements.
  • Better popup positioning.
  • Open on colon support for contenteditables.
  • Frequently used emoji list with localstorage and/or API.
  • Provide more events; open, close, pickeropen, pickerclose etc.
  • Custom emoji support.
  • Skin color support for apple icons.
  • Better contenteditable support, WYSIWYG?
  • Check browser compatibilities.

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