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In the data load script, $1 now defaults to "localhost" and $2 defaults to 27017.

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MongoDB Sample Dataset

For mongoimport the MongoDB database tools need to installed. You can find it here

this is a fork of repo.

the original repo has BSON dump. I've removed it and I added a bash script to import the JSON to respective db

Atlas provides sample data you can load into your Atlas clusters. You can use this data to quickly get started experimenting with data in MongoDB and using tools such as the Atlas Perform CRUD Operations in Atlas and MongoDB Charts.

MongoDB does not provide any sample databases on their website, However, they do provide sample databases for their cloud service Atlas. These databases have been dumped from a MongoDB Atlas cluster using the MongoDB Compass GUI. There are 7 databases, with each database collection (table) stored in a seperate JSON file. These files will accelerate learning of MongoDB's features by allowing new developers to quickly experiment with prepopulated datasets.

Sample Datasets

Dataset Name Description Collections
Sample AirBnB Listings Dataset Contains details on AirBnB listings. listingsAndReviews
Sample Analytics Dataset Contains training data for a mock financial services application. accounts, customers, transactions
Sample Geospatial Dataset Contains shipwreck data. shipwrecks
Sample Mflix Dataset Contains movie data. comments, movies, theaters, users
Sample Supply Store Dataset Contains data from a mock office supply store. sales
Sample Training Dataset Contains MongoDB training services dataset. companies, grades, inspection, posts, routes, stories, trips, tweets, zips
Sample Weather Dataset Contains detailed weather reports. data

Running in docker

docker pull mvertes/alpine-mongo

docker run -d --name mongo -p 2717:27017 -v ~/mongodb:/data/db mvertes/alpine-mongo

# args
#   hostname   
#   port
./ localhost 2717

# start mongo shell
docker exec -it mongo mongo