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An XMPP bot that runs shell commands on remote machines.

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Welcome to Vines Agent

Vines Agent executes shell commands sent by users on remote machines. Users are authorized against an access control list before being allowed to run commands. The agent is an XMPP bot that connects to the Vines chat server. It relies on the component provided by the vines-services gem to send and receive commands.

Users may run commands as any unix account, to which they've been granted access, on the system. While the agent runs as root, user commands run as less privileged accounts.

Additional documentation can be found at


$ gem install vines-agent
$ vines-agent init wonderland.lit
$ cd wonderland.lit && vines-agent start


Vines Agent requires Ruby 1.9.3 or better. Instructions for installing the needed OS packages, as well as Ruby itself, are available at


$ script/bootstrap
$ script/tests



Vines Agent is released under the MIT license. Check the LICENSE file for details.

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