Zendburn Color Scheme for PhpStorm
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Zenburn Color Scheme for PhpStorm

Zenburn is a Vim color scheme created by Jani Nurminen in 2002. Since then, numerous adaptations of this awesome color scheme has been made for various IDEs and editors.

This is the PhpStorm/WebStorm port of Zenburn.


Zendburn for PhpStorm is still work in progress. You can get the latest copy of the scheme from github repo located https://github.com/negativefix/zenburn.


(Note: Zenburn.xml deprecated and will be removed from the repo. Use Zenburn.icls instead.)

Simply copy the Zenburn.icls into;


on Mac or


on Linux or


directory on Windows.

Enabling Zenburn

  • Goto
    • Preferences>IDE Settings>Editor>Colors & Fonts on Mac
    • or Settings>IDE Settings>Editor>Colors & Fonts on Windows
    • or File>Settings>Editor->Colors & Fonts on Linux
  • Select Zenburn from Scheme name dropdown menu
  • Click Apply