Gitsta is a simple but pretty wordpress theme, insipred by GitHub.
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This theme is no longer maintained. See here.

Responsive, minimalistic, clean and content-oriented theme, inspired by GitHub. Mainly designed for programmers, but suitable for any bloggers.

IMPORTANT: I'm not maintaining this theme anymore.




  • Responsive
  • Support for font awesome, octicons, glyphicons
  • Dynamic sidebar (statically positioned if the window height allows it, otherwise non-static)
  • Theme options
    • Favicon
    • Comment markdown support
    • Enable/disable blog description on front page
    • Customizable error page
  • Neat comments style
  • Neat source code displaying within posts and pages
  • Full-width template
  • Advanced menues (with icons, dividers, ...)
  • Well written and documented source code


The theme menu supports:

  • Icons (Octicons, Glyphicons, Font Awesome)
  • Submenus
  • All features of wp-bootstrap-navwalker: Dividers, Dropdown Headers and disabled links

To use the icons just set the "Title Attribute" of the menu item to the desired item (e.g. fa-code, octicon-flame, etc.).

Requirements & Recommendation

  • This theme requires at least PHP 5.3, due the usage of closures within the functions.php
  • Since this theme was created with markdown in mind, you should use some kind of markdown plugin (I'm pretty satisfied with WP-Markdown). If you don't like to use markdown, you can disable the markdown support within the theme settings.

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