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Sources behind

Text is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Source code is licensed under MPL v2.0.

Executive summary

We use GitHub pages. Sources are at The web is full of guides and tutorials. GitHub pages uses GitHub flavored markdown syntax. Go to #web in NeIC slack if you need someone to talk to.

Requirements to edit the website

You need a GitHub account.

Optional: For very minor things like updating an email address it's easiest if you are part of the neicnordic organization. Ask in #web in NeIC slack.

If you want to preview the website locally on your computer, you need to install Jekyll.

Why is the website on GitHub/Jekyll?

This way we do not have to worry about hosting, backup, and uptime. Also we allow anybody to submit changes and corrections without the need of giving these persons write or edit permissions.

Recommendations for editing pages

Show non-trivial changes to others before they are on the main site

For trivial changes like updating an email address: Edit in directly through the web interface if you have write/edit permissions.

For non-trivial changes, make a fork (guide here).

If you work in a fork then you can point others to to show them your work (but nothing is shown until you actually commit a change).


Work locally if you can (not trivial on Windows)

  1. Clone the source code to your laptop.
  2. Serve it with jekyll serve.
  3. See changes live on http://localhost:4000/.
  4. Edit until happy.
  5. Commit.
  6. Push your changes back to GitHub.

Full guide here.

Where to place things

  • Ideally content should be in Markdown files.
  • Page layout should be in html files.
  • Ideally (almost) no content should be in html files.

We use Jekyll collections. Information on similar things are in the same folder. Examples:

  • People are in _people/.
  • Activities are in _activities/.
  • News articles are in _posts/.
  • ... you get the idea.


  • News pictures should be ideally be 762x507 px in size.


If you hit a problem and do not know how to get out of it, ask in #web in NeIC slack, but here's the basics depending how you were working:

If you were working directly through the web interface

Ask in #web in the NeIC slack for help.

If you were working on a local clone

This is a simple, non-elegant solution:

  1. Make a new clone of whatever you were working on and which worked before it broke.
  2. Copy over the stuff you want and leave behind the changes you wish to discard.
  3. Commit.
  4. Push your changes.
  5. Delete the broken clone.