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A Sentry extension which integrates with Bitbucket.
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Author: Neil Albrock
Version: 0.1.5

An extension for Sentry which integrates with Bitbucket. Specifically, it allows you to easily create issues from events within Sentry.

This is largely a port of the sentry-github package, the main difference being that it makes use of the requests library for communication with Bitbucket and implements OAuth, which is the preferred way to integrate with their API.


Install the package via pip:

$ pip install sentry-bitbucket

Ensure you've configured Bitbucket auth in Sentry by adding the following to your

# Bitbucket needs to be included as a valid auth provider
    'github': ('GITHUB_APP_ID', 'GITHUB_API_SECRET'),
    'trello': ('TRELLO_API_KEY', 'TRELLO_API_SECRET'),


Associate your account with Bitbucket (if you haven't already) via Account -> Identities.

You'll now see a new action on groups which allows quick creation of Bitbucket issues.


If you have multiple Bitbucket identities associated in Sentry, the plugin will just select one to use.

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